Professional Events Services


Paul Gow Golf Events can design print and send invitations to all guests on behalf of your company. The events management group will work closely with your company representatives to structure invitations.

Online Event Website

Paul Gow Golf Events can offer a variety of online services, including:
• Personalised Pre & Post Golf Day Website
• Event Invitations
• Event results for golf day
• Golf day images uploaded to website

Golf Day Proceedings

The Events Management group will be located at a convenient location to register all guests and provide players with all information required for the day’s proceedings.

Tournament Format

Paul will personally tailor golfing needs; from tee times, to shotgun starts, his team will create a format for the day to ensure a stress free day for all players & their abilities.

Player Briefing

Events Management Group will give a player information briefing on the days proceedings before play, with the welcoming of guests and proceedings of the days play.

Golf Day Gifts & Prizes

The Events Management Group will source the appropriate gifts & prizes that will help showcase the perfect golf event.

Unique Branding Opportunities

The Events Management Group have extensive experience in company branding of golf days. We all have received unwanted gifts at golf days that never get used again. We like to use unique ways to brand products that your guests will use time and again. i.e.: hats, shirts, ball markers, trophies etc.

On Course Activities

From the traditional nearest the pins to the longest drives. We have developed new concepts so more guests can win the on course activities. You don’t have to be the longest driver or the straightest hitter anymore.

Scoring Calculations

All scorecards will be prepared and formatted for the days play.  Scorecards will be collected by Events Management Group and checked and presented for final results of the day.  (Scores can also be posted on personalised website).


Events Management Group will take away all the stress of organizing the food and beverages for the event.  Pre round and post round catering, along with refreshment cart will be arranged so your guests can enjoy the day.


To finish of a successful golf day it is important that presentation of all winners is a streamlined ceremony.
The group will organise array of quality prizes for all winners from branded prizes to the most personalized design trophies to ensure a memorable event.

Beginners Golf Program

If you have guests that are new to the game or haven’t played golf in a long time and they still would like to be involved in the day, the Events Management Group have developed a program that will let these clients learn the game from a PGA professional.  They will help develop the skills they can use to participate in future golf events.  No one likes to be embarrassed when playing golf, so this is a way to enhance their skills to tackle the golf course.

Celebrity Golfer

Events Management Group can source a celebrity golfer to add the wow factor to your day.  They not only can play with guests during the day but also attend and guest speak at the presentation.  From cricketing stars, like Michael Slater and rugby league legend like Paul (Fatty) Vautin, we have access to many different assorted celebrities from music, cricket, AFL , rugby league, soccer, horse racing and professional golfers.  You pick the celebrity and we source them for your golf event.

Golf Day Events Staff

The success of a great golf day is the smooth running of the event.  The quality staff at Events Management Group will endeavour to make your day seamless.

Post Event Debrief

To better service your company’s needs, the Events Management Group will meet to debrief your company on the success of the event.  It is important that we identify the overall success of the day and to evaluate the return on your company’s investment.

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